Sensa One

Sensa One

Sensa One is the result of ground-breaking technical innovations combining The Internet of Things with electrical installations and data networks.

Sensa One is a concept designed to simplify the way for businesses and homes to access and enjoy the benefits of the Internet of Things. At its core, Sensa One is a one-point installation that puts all power-consuming components on the network for continuous optimisation of operations.

Sensa One is a unique product that enables companies to use digitization to optimize and automate operations, gather more information about customers and increase organizational agility by collecting and displaying information from a variety of different connected data points.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things – coined IoT – is the phenomenon of connecting devices and appliances that have historically been unconnected. Previously the Internet has been the connection between servers, computers, tablets, and smart phones

Today the Internet connects an ever increasing number of objects, devices and functions. Cars, televisions, refrigerators, lighting systems, climate control systems, alarms, locks, robots etc. will be programmable, capable of sharing information, working together and not least, they will also be able to control remotely.

Sensa One Retail

Streamline the operation and roll-out of your stores with a single platform that monitors, controls and collects data from all electrical devices and offers insights into customer behaviour.

Sensa One Residential

Transform your real-estate into an intelligent home where the possibilities for automation and component integration are limited only by your imagination.

Sensa One Manufacturing

Gain full visibility and control with proactive monitoring of your production facility from the core of IT to the industrial automation machines and storage.

Sensa One Hospitality

Streamline operations and maintenance through proactive monitoring of your hotels’ infrastructure: Enable automated check-in and a single remote control where guests can manage all room facilities.