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About Sensa

Sensa is an IT systems integrator formed in Iceland in 2002. Our expertise spans a broad range of specialised digital solutions and technologies including networking, data center, collaboration, security and hosting. Since 2007 Sensa has been a Cisco Gold certified partner and Cisco’s products remain the foundation for our solutions.

With more than 100 experts at our disposal we offer extensive experience within technical consulting, implementation, automation and operation of complex IT infrastructure and we have set up data centers and network infrastructures for a number of northern Europe’s largest companies.

Our history

Electric Design Company was established in 1998 and had a rare combination of traditional electrical knowhow in combination with strong IT networking skills that made it possible to approach the market in a different way. In order to secure further growth through innovative product development, Electric Design Company initiated a collaboration in 2010 with Sensa, and in 2012 the collaboration was formalized into a merger of the companies in Denmark under the name Sensa A/S.

Based on a platform independent approach and with the ambition to create effective high-tech solutions the company has evolved with the technological landscape. From ensuring simplicity in a world dominated by electrical installations in the 1990’s through the explosion of telecommunications in the early 2000’s to the Internet of Things world of today.

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If you have a problem or are in need of help please log in at the top of the page or contact us at helpdesk@sensa.as or at +45 7020 2637. We will answer all enquiries as quickly as possible.

CEO Thomas Skovby

 / +45 2625 2637

Sensa Networks Freyr Karlsson

 / +45 5362 2637

Head of Sensa Installations Oliver Meier

 / +45 2631 2637

Amdi Karlsen

Technical Installer

Anders O. Hentzen

Technical Installer

Bernd Cresimon

Automation Specialist

Jacob Burmeister

Network Specialist

Jeppe Kofod

Automation Specialist

Jimi Herbert

Electric Contracts Manager

Mads Ahle

Technical Installer

Michael Vestorp

Technical Maintenance

Nikolas Rentzis

Technical Installer

Patrich Hansen

Technical Installer